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March 26th, 2008

Metafluencer Joins Voce, BEA Too

Things are moving fast right now, but you can’t appreciate the distance travelled until you stop and, well, look back a bit.

Today I’m stopping for two reasons — two really, really good reasons.

First, to welcome the newest edition to Voce’s growing social media team: Justin Kistner.

14654069_ffa84974c9_o.jpg Justin recently completed a stint with Jive Software and has been fitting and fussing with the messy intersection of marketing, web development, new media, and general internet strategery, for many years now. Much of Justin’s tinkering and thinking has spilled out on the pages of Metafluence, to my benefit and many others, so suffice to say, it’s gonn’a be fun pulling Justin into the mix here and watching the guy do his thing — when of course we’re not debating the finer points of “web 3.0.”

Having Justin in the trenches with us is important also for my second really, really good reason: our portfolio of social media projects continues to grow.

Today I’m fired up to be adding BEA to this mix and to The Wall.

This comes on the heels of VeriSign and eBay business wins earlier this year, as well as our ongoing new media work with NetApp, Sony PlayStation, Yahoo!, and several others, including a few unnamed wins that Josh alluded to recently that will remain in our pockets, for now.

Like I said, things are moving fast, but this is all good stuff, the type of stuff you’d be crazy not stop and appreciate. So that’s what we’re doing….

Much more to come. For now, onward.

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Mike Manuel is the GM of Voce Connect, the social media marketing and web development arm of Voce Communications. In between managing this team and overseeing Voce's digital programs, he'll post a thought or two on mike-manuel.com and via @mmanuel on Twitter.

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Justin Kistner on March 26th, 2008 at 2:36 pm

Nice find on that picture, Mike. That was my old office. I totally miss that 110″ projection screen!