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March 28th, 2008

Where’d We Go?

Posting has been a bit light here lately. We’ve had a jam-packed last several weeks and the exciting thing is that some big sites are in the home stretch. Can’t wait to share.

We’ve been doing even more with WordPress and as a result are finishing a few posts on the topics of security, performance and scaling. All three seem to be a recurring theme lately so it seems fitting. Speaking of WordPress, WordCamp is this weekend out in Dallas. I won’t be making it, but they say they’ll make the videos available online a week or two after the fact. In the mean time I’ll watch the trackbacks on the schedule pages for anyone blogging the sessions.

We’ll get the posting back to normal here soon. Lots to talk about.

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Nick Gernert leads the Platform Services team that's part of Voce Connect and oversees all web development efforts as well as making sure all those efforts are strategically sound. He is on Twitter as @nickgernert.

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