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May 8th, 2008

BusinessWeek’s Twitter Experiment

Stephen Baker is breaking new ground as he collaborates live on Twitter to develop an article on BusinessWeek about the business value of microblogging. While there may have been other bloggers that have collaborated on Twitter to develop a story, they weren’t done by “traditional” media brands like BusinessWeek. Dave Donahue captured some great points about why this matters:

  • Twitter coverage in BusinessWeek takes it out of the echo chamber and into the mainstream. The fact that he’s apparently focusing on its business uses emphasizes just how many more people will take interest as this story develops. The finished product should allow many early adopters to finally explain Twitter to their colleagues/bosses/SO’s in English.
  • This experiment will illustrate the sheer speed by which ideas take shape and turn into editorial on Twitter. It reminds me of Wired’s editorial wiki experiment from September 2006 (which ultimately frustrated Wired’s Ryan Singel), but this should move at a much faster pace and with greater community involvement.
  • How many times in your career can you remember BusinessWeek putting out an open call for content, and then propose that you edit that content? It’s an opportunity for all of us to highlight how Twitter has become an invaluable tool for our clients, our companies, and ourselves.

He started this project at 2:30pm EST. Here’s the story lead that we Tweeted moments ago:

#bwstory Go ahead and laugh at Twitter. Plenty of trivia. But businesses are coming up with all kinds of ways to harness microblogging…

You can add to the discussion via Twitter using the #bwstory hash tag in your tweets to associate them with this story. We’ll post some follow up thoughts as an update to this post after this project is over.

You can also follow the discussion using the widget above created by @walkerfenton. It’s a feed from the hash tag #bwstory.

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