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May 5th, 2008

Revising the BusinessWeek Blog Story

2008 BusinessWeek Cover?

Stephen Baker and Heather Green have been working on revising their 2005 cover story on blogs. They’ve wisely expanded from blogs to social media. They’re asking their readers ‘how’ social media is changing business. I have some more in-depth thoughts on this which I’ll post shortly, but for now how about these for starters:

1. How a company that created a flog and alienated its customers, bounced back and is rebuilding trust with social media.

2. How one employee is taking it upon himself to use a blog to chronicle and relay his observations inside a company.

3. How a company is using a blog to add insight/perspective on its business at a time when its business is at its most vulnerable.

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Josh Hallett leads up the Voce Connect Client Services team, managing the care and feeding of clients and developing social media strategies with the rest of the team. You can also read his personal Hyku blog and follow him on Twitter @hyku.

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