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July 28th, 2008

Turn this Mutha Out! – AlwaysOn Summit at Stanford Brings Tinsel Town to Silicon Valley

Cash Warren, Hammer, Quincy Jones III and Baron Davis all have something in common. They sit courtside at a Lakers game? No way, if you keep up with NBA moves, Davis plays for the Clippers! They are all collaborating together for a new album? That’s not it either — Please, Hammer, don’t hurt ‘em!

Actually, this crew and other “who’s who” from Tinsel Town to Silicon Valley were spotted at this week’s Summit at Stanford presented by Voce client, AlwaysOn, here in Palo Alto, California. At first, it can seem out of place to see such a group of celebrities at a mostly-tech-type conference, but by simply taking a closer look under the hood… it all makes sense. Let me explain: Mr. Jessica Alba, Cash Warren, and NBA star, Baron Davis, jointly founded a company that taps their intense competitive nature — challenging the world to online video competitions at web site ibeatyou. CEO Abdul Khan, with Warren and Davis, were part of a panel of CEOs from high tech companies, like ZipClip, We7, and intouch group, to kick-off the first full day at the AlwaysOn Summit. They sure did kick the program off in style. The conference buzz never wavered. In fact, things couldn’t have been more buzzing when ex-jailbird Frank Quattrone hit the stage for a session titled — “The Doctor Is In” — where he gave an hour of free advice to hot start-ups – RockYou, MobiTV and Sulake.

Holding true to the adage of saving the best for last, Quincy Jones III led the final panel discussion about how hip hop artists can leverage technology given the changing landscape of the music industry. Chamillionaire, Hammer, and Mistah FAB joined Jones and discussed the changing dynamic between artists and their fans and what exactly constitutes an artist, or more specifically, a successful artist. By embracing technology, artists can now take control of their “brand” through low-to-no cost marketing and distribution in addition to direct interaction with fans.

What can I say except … Can’t touch this.

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Kim Yurkovich on August 5th, 2008 at 2:46 pm

Nice sum up Robin S…Word.