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October 8th, 2008

WordPress bookmarklet for blogging and reblogging

As a follow up to my WordCamp presentation on WordPress Ecosystems, this screencast demonstrates the WordPress bookmarklet, called Press This, being used in two capacities:

  1. To quickly create microposts, and
  2. To reblog from one blog to another.

Password-protected WordPress installs are a great way to coordinate blogging activity with other people. I recently converted Press This for use in a theme so we can easily reblog anything shared in that back channel. The bookmarklet works by passing data through the URL. So, to add Press This to a theme, you simply a link to your theme formatted like the URLs spit out by the bookmarklet, but using WordPress template tags to populate the content. The receiving WordPress install will process the link created by both the bookmarklet and the reblog link exactly the same, which is to spawn your blog’s admin in a new window with the content prepopulated. Now, you have a chance to remove any sensitive content, add context, and any other edits you need to complete your reblog.

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erik on March 6th, 2009 at 10:44 am

The video doesn’t seem to be playing (Mac Firefox 3.0.7 & Safari 4 Beta)