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January 8th, 2009

Page Views are Dead, Long Live Page Views

Have you heard the page view is dead? In some circles people have moved on and it’s very fashionable to make claims as such, but sadly much of the corporate world still sees it as an important number. Why? Benchmarking, specifically against other business units and various web properties within brands.

Don’t get me wrong, we work with our clients to educate them that stats such as time on site, # of comments, # of inbound links, external media coverage are all major things to look at. But guess what, many times the sites they are benchmarked against internally don’t have some of those metrics, that’s where the page view becomes the lowest common denominator.

As measurement continues to evolve, specifically related to social media projects we focus on things like RSS subscribers, % of pass along and engagement to name a few. Another new focus is velocity. That is, how quickly is the information we’re discussing being spread. Is it taking minutes, hours or days?

Then of course there are sales. What direct revenue is being generated from the site/blog? For some of our clients that’s a key measure and we have to track that.

In the car world it’s kind of like horsepower. How much you got? Yeah horsepower is nice, but then you start to think about torque, curb weight and other things that all contribute to the 0-60 time.

But it’s always nice to throw out the big numbers, like a 451 horsepower AMG V8, or a corporate blog that’s received 33 million page views and 100,000+ comments in the past twelve months.

In the next few weeks I plan to dive a bit deeper into the metrics we track and why.

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Josh Hallett leads up the Voce Connect Client Services team, managing the care and feeding of clients and developing social media strategies with the rest of the team. You can also read his personal Hyku blog and follow him on Twitter @hyku.

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Pete Hendrick on January 9th, 2009 at 11:52 am

It’s an interesting point. From a UK perspective, it seems many organisations are still unconvinced about the effectiveness of corporate blogs, particularly B2B organisations that are relatively new market entrants with an emerging rather than an established brand. I’ve seen several organisations in the last few months set up corporate blogs that they updated fairly regularly with pretty compelling content, and they’ve had very few visitors and rarely received a comment. The essential addition for blogging success is compelling marketing communications to drive traffic to the blog itself, otherwise more often than not, it just sits there gathering dust and all that hard work setting it up is wasted. Unless of course you’re one of the superbrands that has 1000s of site visitors a day…but they’re few and far between as far as blogging traffic goes…