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March 24th, 2009

Live From the PlayStation.Blog.Lounge @ GDC

That’s right folks – we’re in San Francisco (The W to be exact) blogging live from the PlayStation.Blog.Lounge across from the Game Developers Conference.

Here on the VoceNation we usually share details about online efforts, because that’s what social media is all about, right? You know, the internetz. Not entirely.

PlayStationBlog Lounge at The W

Yes, a lot of our emphasis lies on web-based projects and programs, however to create a truly successful social media program you need to preserve the human element. In the PlayStation case, the human element at GDC is a lounge for credentialed media hosted by PlayStation.Blog – there are games for hands-on play time, developer break-out sessions, and of course free food and drink. Tomorrow night, PlayStation.Blog is also hosting a meetup for local San Francisco PlayStation.Blog fans to get to meet some of the personalities behind the blog and ask developers questions about the games they’ve created.

Social media isn’t about the tools, it’s about finding the best way to connect with your customers/partners/fans and foster those relationships. Sometimes that means stepping away from the computer and getting ‘out there’ to put faces to screen names.

How are you connecting?

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