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April 30th, 2009

PRWeek Slap on the Back for Voce

We are enjoying the latest issue of PRWeek at Voce. In it you’ll find the latest Agency Business Report providing a high level overview of agency size, staff count and financial performance. Voce settles into the #51 with $7.4M in revenue (2008). More information can be found on the Voce agency profile (try not to get lost in Rich’s piercing gaze). Make sure to also read the technology roundtable featuring two Voce clients: NetApp and eBay, two communication programs that continue to challenge the status quo and drive brand awareness with creative thinking, strategic guidance and passionate work.

We are getting close to our 10 year anniversary and it’s great to have built an agency that shows up on a ranked list of all the great PR firms. But this is really a nod to the people…the people who work (and have worked) at Voce and the clients that trust (and have trusted) us to promote their brands.

You see it sometimes, when a consultant reaches for his/her own spotlight. They forget “we” and start talking about “I”. We have to be comfortable in the shadows or this process will break down. Rankings and awards are well and good, but the real brands have first and last names and show up to work every day, in good markets and bad.

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