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April 1st, 2009

The Crowded April Fools Market

My Desk - April Fools

Ah yes, April Fools. The day that everybody tries to do something humorous online. The two key words in that sentence are ‘everybody’ and ‘tries’.

It’s gotten to be a bit of an overload though. With everybody doing something how can you stand out? It’s like releasing some insignificant tech news during CES…you’ll get lost in the shuffle.

Granted, some brands really do some creative things, but it’s getting harder and harder to get noticed. Then there is the general burnout and apathy about the entire day. We could get geeky and try to determine the ROI of a good stunt to determine if they’re worth it…..nah.

If you really wanted to break the mold, why not do a prank on another day? The Funded tried this and it backfired though. I still think it might be a good strategy, if you weren’t a public company and didn’t run the risk of having your stock tank from people that didn’t realize it was a joke.

Doug Haslam had a good thought. What happens when we stumble upon this ‘old news’ a few years from now.

For now I’ll pass on any April Fools projects, too much time for too little of a return. However this one was fun to do back in 2006.


Of course not all jokes are online, the photo above was my desk this morning….and well that was kinda funny.

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