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May 6th, 2009

Headed to BIG Omaha

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Thursday, I’m off to Nebraska to check out the BIG Omaha conference. Why leave Silicon Valley, arguably the hub of tech conferences and hundreds of weekly web 2.0 meetups, to attend a show in a town better known for its steaks and resident billionaire than its technology influencers and innovators?  Well, it’s pretty simple. I’m looking to connect with some Midwest’s most creative thinkers and entrepreneurs. Also, I used to call Omaha home. I’m excited to see what’s being created with a diverse group of leaders and hope to be inspired with some ways of thinking.

I’ll be twittering from the show. Follow me @moesch. I’ll also blog my thoughts following the show.

For more details, ReadWriteWeb has a good overview of BIG Omaha.

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Michael Moeschler is one of Voce Connect's Supervisors, acting as product PR liaison for one of our clients, a large enterprise technology firm and focusing on driving their social media efforts. You can follow him on Twitter where he's @moesch.

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