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May 28th, 2009

NetApp Talks Global Social Media at the Business Marketing Association

Infotainment, fractured trust, mobility, and dialogue… these were just some of the themes presented by Eric Brown, NetApp’s VP of Corporate Relations, yesterday at a Business Marketing Association luncheon. Speaking to a crowd of marketing and public relations professionals, Eric shared some of the best practices his team has utilized while running an integrated global social media (SM) program.

One of the key elements of the presentation was the emphasis on how SM is part of an expanded tool set for a comprehensive communications program. Other tools should include: PR, AR, Web, shows & events, and ads—it is not a standalone activity.

While Eric shared a lot of how-to advice, he also dispelled some of the myths that continue to hold more traditional minded companies back from developing the SM skill-set. These myths are:

  • SM is the ONLY tool of the future
  • SM is only for teens and twenty-somethings
  • Social = viral
  • Negativity is overwhelming
  • -You have to relearn everything to participate
  • SM is effective in North America only

P.S. A special thanks to Eric for the Voce shout-out during the preso for our partnership on SM work!

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