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May 6th, 2009

Voce Sponsoring WordCamp SF


WordCamp SF approaches this Saturday, May 30th, and I’m fired up to say, for the first time, Voce’s stepping in as a sponsor.

For a few years now, we’ve “unofficially” been big believers and supporters of the WordPress organization, its platforms and, well, its larger open source community. It started frankly with our clients’ needs and a hunch here that we could bend, shape and mold the WordPress platform in all sorts of unique ways for marketing and PR purposes, ranging from corporate blogs, like those we’ve developed for eBay, PlayStation and Yahoo!, to custom plugins, like those we co-created and open-sourced with PlayStation, to more traditional assignments, like some of the microsites and newsrooms we’ve created over the years. And that’s just scraping the surface….

As we start to invest more energy and effort into things like WordPress MU, we’re starting to build lightweight web apps, like Voce Bridge, which is opening up our thinking about WordPress (and its ability to scale) in all sorts of fun ways. The recent 1.0 release of BuddyPress and new themes, like P2, are also feeding our imaginations here and encouraging our team to think about how we can continue to stretch these platforms and innovations for our clients.

I guess it’s a little bit of this history, plus a need to talk about these ideas with others in the community that’s driving our decision to sponsor WordCamp SF and to continue our support of WordPress.org. That said, the Voce Nation will be there in full force this year, in fact, we may even have some news to share, so look for us there or read more about our participation here. Either way, we’re glad to get behind a great organization and we’re really looking forward to this year’s WordCamp. More to come this weekend!

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Mike Manuel is the GM of Voce Connect, the social media marketing and web development arm of Voce Communications. In between managing this team and overseeing Voce's digital programs, he'll post a thought or two on mike-manuel.com and via @mmanuel on Twitter.

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