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June 8th, 2009

Building a Better WordPress Live Blog with P2

Today is the kick-off of WWDC and specifically the keynote (1p.m. eastern) where we learn about the next device we’ll be buying.

To keep up we’ll be following Gizmodo’s Live Blog of the event for several reasons:

  1. Brian Lam and his team over at Gizmodo are the best damn live-bloggers out there. They’ll post it all with great pics to boot.
  2. The blog is hosted with WordPress.com and these guys know how to handle traffic spikes, so I won’t lose the site right before the new iPhone photos start.
  3. No refreshing.

Gizmodo's Live Blog

We’ve all done it… we go to our favorite live blog site (or the one that hasn’t crumbled under the traffic crush yet) and pound the refresh button to see the next post. It’s no longer necessary on Gizmodo’s Live Blog.

A huge thanks to the guys at Automattic for doing most of the legwork here. If you haven’t used it, their P2 theme for WordPress automatically adds new posts to the page as soon as they’re available without refreshing. We took this foundation and applied it to live.gizmodo.com and now you can watch as the posts pour in without ever hitting refresh. Now that’s progress.

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Adam Weeks on June 9th, 2009 at 1:02 pm

Great work guys! Got to watch the keynote without ever hitting F5!