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June 9th, 2009

Cool Video Upgrades (Part 1) – YouTube Beta

Personally, I think it’s an exciting time to be doing video work at this time. Not only has the quality from consumer-grade equipment kept pace with professional ones, hosting and sharing video work has grown even easier.

YouTube recently introduced “channels beta”, a brand-new user interface for the Channels section.

The new channel is enriched with new features including:

  • New default themes that are customizable by color, font, modules
  • Use of background images, headers, footers (branding opportunities)
  • Option to have a Featured Video
  • Ability to grab embed codes or the URL while video is still playing
  • Ability to feature a video by URL
  • Deletion of recent activity items
  • Re-arrangement of channel boxes.  It auto-saves too
  • Larger video thumbnails
  • More interaction options underhneath the video player, including a more prominent link to the standard “watch” page

Here’s a cool example of what you can do with your own channel:


So, how do you turn this feature on? Simply sign on to your YouTube account, click “Edit Channel”, and hit “Upgrade My Channel”. If the new channel design is not to your liking, you’re able to revert back to the old design. No sweat.


Coming up on Part 2 of this series: WordPress’ new video offering, VideoPress.

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