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June 3rd, 2009

Paying For Value

GigaOm has launched a new subscription-only site called, simply, GigaOm Pro. The site’s mission statement comes from the introductory blog post: But even as market research analysts adapt to the new models, we at GigaOM believe there is room in the market for a new way to experience informed opinion, one that combines our best asset — our large and enthusiastic community of smart readers — with technology and market experts in an approachable and interactive format.

GigaOM Pro does just that, offering research from great independent analysts and allowing our audience to engage and discuss it both with the analysts and among yourselves.

We also offer great unique content from our own internal influencers — be it our editors, contributors or topic curators — and package it with the research to create a steady stream of deep-dive opinion on the most important issues in the mobile, consumer, green IT and cloud computing and infrastructure (and soon social web) spaces. Some people have been wondering how this is logical, this paying for content model, especially since conventional wisdom has it that newspapers and magazines would be – or are – shooting themselves in the foot by reverting to a paid wall model.

There’s a key difference, though: GigaOm is asking people to pay for valuable insights and analysis on the day’s news and not just for the day’s news. The latter is what media companies are trying to do. They’re not just considering putting value-added contextual analysis behind a pay wall, they think that the news itself is something that can be paid for. But there are too many competitors out there who are playing the reporter’s role and giving it away for free for that to really work.

But what GigaOm is doing is saying “We’re putting extra work into this and giving you the lowdown on what the news means as opposed to what the news is. That adds value and is worth, at the very least, deciding if it’s worth paying for.

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