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July 10th, 2009

Forrester Releases Interactive Marketing Predictions

Forrester Research has officially released their predictions for interactive marketing spending between now and 2014.

All categories Forrester defines show some level of increase between now and then, with “Social Media” experiencing the biggest rise of 34 percent, even as overall advertising budgets drop as companies look to wring more value from their limited dollars.

As Mike stated previously “Social Media” is an unfortunately vague category. It could include any number of things, from corporate blogs to Twitter monitoring programs to just about anything else. Those programs aren’t always owned by the marketing department but are sometimes HR or other efforts which, as he says, can lead to some interesting programs being developed.

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Chris Thilk works on the Client Services team, part of Voce Connect, developing and executing social media strategy. You can follow him at @christhilk on Twitter.

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