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August 13th, 2009

Social Media Usage Growing Among Marketers

A survey by the Association of National Advertisers and others reports that 66 percent of marketers have used social media as part of their plans, a big increase over 2007 when only 20 percent of respondents said they’d used social media for their marketing.

Facebook was the most common tool used, with YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn rounding out the top four. But concerns about not being able to measure ROI or not even knowing what needs to be measure are still prevalent, with 45 and 43 percent of respondents saying that kept them up at night respectively. That ties directly into the finding that those tactics deemed most effective are also those with the most traditional measurement in place: SEM, SEO, email marketing and a company’s own website.

Money for these efforts are coming from traditional budgets (55 percent), other marcomm areas (48 percent) or the creation of incremental budget areas (26 percent).

The disconnect between strategy and tactics is what always jumps out at me in these sorts of studies. Jumping into a Facebook or Twitter tactic just because someone says “it’s a good idea,” well, isn’t. Are you using those platforms for word-of-mouth? To drive traffic to a website? As a content distribution tool? Cause knowing why you’re using it means you are going to have an idea of what success looks like and tactics will then be focused around achieving it.

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Chris Thilk works on the Client Services team, part of Voce Connect, developing and executing social media strategy. You can follow him at @christhilk on Twitter.

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