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November 25th, 2009

Is content still king? Online video offerings grow up

It may be surprising to see YouTube.com as one of the top ranking online search properties this year.  According to comScore, Google sites led the charge in search queries this year – getting a boost in numbers from interest in YouTube – followed closely by Yahoo! and Bing.

How’s that possible?

We tend to forget that video engagement really starts from content discovery.  You may think, ‘my audience wants videos that are funny, entertaining or relevant.’  Search engines don’t.  Actually, search engines can’t view the videos.  So optimizing your on-page content will help boost your videos’ popularity.

YouTube recently sliced and diced Google Voice’s speech recognition technology into a video captioning feature.

Auto-captioning:  The site’s auto captioning technique scans the soundtrack of a video for words, then synchs up the words with the action on screen without the need for manual transcription.

Auto-tuning:  Video owners can upload a transcript (a simple file with the text of what’s said in the video), which will turn into synchronized captions.  The technology works best for videos with good sound quality and clear spoken English.

This new feature has a ton of advantages for SEO purposes. YouTube captions will be indexed in search engines for keywords placed in the captions through meta-search.  And advertising / branding opportunities will also surface when the technology is past the beta stage.

It’s far from perfect.  But kinda feels like Skynet doesn’t it?

To learn more about how to use auto-captioning and auto-timing, check out this short video:


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