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February 1st, 2010

Girls in Tech Catalyst Conference – Social Media Takeaways

I had the pleasure of attending the Girls in Tech event this past Tuesday at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco. It was a great conference with panels on branding, the art of negotiation, coding & developing and social media. The social media panel was moderated by Altimeter Group’s Charlene Li. Panelists included Jeanine LeFlore of LiveHit, David Sacks of Yammer, Clara Shih of Hearsay Labs, and Wendy Lea of GetSatisfaction. Social media was described as the “wild west – still everywhere, all the time.” The discussion focused on how over the last 15 years with the rise of the Internet and social platforms and tools there is an overwhelming feeling of content overload. And with this overflow of content, how is the enterprise adopting social media and will we reach a day where organizations will be fully comfortable with airing their “dirty laundry” so to speak? Here are the top 5 key takeaways from the panel session – ways you can make social media work for your brand and your company:

  1. Start with your strategy and the business problem you are trying to solve. Know the goal and determine the value (i.e. leads, customers, referrals) – once you know the goal, use the social media tools as a business driver to get internal support at your company.
  2. Be crafty – a network will help you get out there and help you uncover how it helps your business – but the information you share and post should be tailored and specific to your audience.
  3. Ask what is it that email doesn’t do today and which social media tools are really going to transform the enterprise.
  4. Social media and ERP? These technologies are moving more and more into the enterprise. Real-time data gives an idea of what demand will be, and can impact the future through supply chain processes.
  5. Social media spreads within an organization not only when you see top-down buy-in but see internal thoughts spread from C-level executives.

Thanks to the ladies at Girls in Tech for hosting a great conference with interesting topics!  Looking forward to attending more events!

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