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February 26th, 2010

Voce Case Study: Ooma

One client that’s opened up a lot of interesting opportunities and which Voce has been proud to be associated with is definitely Ooma, the maker of a VoIP device that has the potential to change how people think of the home phone. You can now read a full case study that provides an overview of how Voce worked with that company to change the conversation through a mix of traditional and online strategies.

The initial focus of the program was to introduce the new team, new feature updates, and engrain the message of free phone calling into the fabric of consumer conversations, all ultimately in support the company’s aggressive retail rollout strategy, including 2,000 Best Buys, 500 Costco’s, and 3,000 RadioShack stores nationwide. Later, program focus turned to continued channel support with a new second generation product being introduced, with the goal of evolving the home phone category to new audiences. Tactics focused on participation and visibility at targeted media events, continued branding at consumer electronic trade shows, retail events with channel partners and press and analyst tours booked by Voce. Through these efforts, Ooma has been set up for total success, with partners and press ready to take a closer look at Ooma’s current offering as well as the new product that was about to be released.

Read the whole case study here and be sure to also check how to contact Voce to learn more about what we can do for you.

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