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April 8th, 2010

Conversations with Community Managers Episode 2: Tim Walker, Hoovers

Voce Communications has partnered with The Community Roundtable to produce a new podcast series, Conversations with Community Managers. In this series, Voce’s Doug Haslam and The Community Roundtable’s Jim Storer speak with people from a variety of industries about their efforts with online community; what they are doing, the challenges and opportunities unique to their industry, and the differences and similarities between “community” and “social media.”

Episode 2 is an interview with Tim Walker, Social Media Manager for Hoovers, the “world’s top supplier of business information on companies, industries and the people who run them.” (Blog: http://www.hooversbiz.com/)

Some of the podcast highlights include:

  • Implementing an internal community that opens lines of communications, fosters new ideas and improves the product
  • Knowing when to use what tools, from “social media” community platforms to email to phone to just walking down the hall
  • The differences between being a community manager and a social media manager
  • The balance between “on-domain” and “off-domain” engagement
  • Tim draws a line between engaging your community and the dating game (seriously)

Listen here:

[audio:http://vocecommunications.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/Community-Managers-2-Walker-Final.mp3|titles=Community Managers 2 Walker Final]

Download the show here.

Subscribe to the podcast here:

MUSIC CREDIT: “Bleuacide” by graphiqsgroove.

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Doug Haslam is a Supervisor on the Voce Connect Client Services team, managing client programs and developing strategy. In addition to Voce Nation, Doug writes his own personal blog and you can find him on Twitter as @dough.

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