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June 3rd, 2010

Conversations with Community Managers, Episode 10: Lisa Beatty, JaneNation.com

Episode 10 of Conversations with Community Managers (co-produced with The Community Roundtable) features Lisa Beatty, “Chief Jane Advocate” of Jane Nation, one of the first online communities for women to share their opinions and ideas about brands, and information among themselves and with brands about the uniqueness of their community.
Podcast highlights include:
  • Running a community that is a hybrid of centrally-produced and controlled content, and more self-moderated forums
  • The relationship between a community about brands and the brands themselves, including the need to comply with disclosure guidelines, and how to include the brands as part of the community (with examples from the Mayo Clinic and General Motors)
  • Approaching community monetization without ads, with approaches such as sponsored content and access to community members for private conversations
  • The challenges of managing a community including people at different stages of their lives (age, careers, parenthood, etc)
  • Reconciling running a brand-focused community with a career as an advertising executive, as Beatty does
Voce Communications has partnered with The Community Roundtable to produce a new podcast series,Conversations with Community Managers. In this series, Voce’s Doug Haslam and The Community Roundtable’s Jim Storer speak with people from a variety of industries about their efforts with online community; what they are doing, the challenges and opportunities unique to their industry, and the differences and similarities between “community” and “social media.”
Listen here: [audio:http://vocecommunications.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/Community-Managers-janenation-final.mp3|titles=MP3: Conversations with Community Managers: Lisa Beatty, JaneNation.com] Download the show here. Subscribe to the podcast here: MUSIC CREDIT: “Bleuacide” by graphiqsgroove

About the Author
Doug Haslam is a Supervisor on the Voce Connect Client Services team, managing client programs and developing strategy. In addition to Voce Nation, Doug writes his own personal blog and you can find him on Twitter as @dough.

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John Carraway on June 9th, 2010 at 11:32 am

Great information presented here. I learned a lot and found the section on how to manage a diverse and ecclectic community to be very informative.