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July 8th, 2010

There Is Work to Be Done

Sitting at the Silicon Valley Energy Summit at Stanford in Palo Alto, CA. with a client a week ago, one message came clear from the sessions—we have work to do—and we cannot assume innovation will simply solve the “green” problem out there. With oil spills in the news, a system of incentives for going green not yet perfected and big business driving big consumption we have to think about big behavior change too.

(No surprises here, I know.) I am no green expert but I kept thinking while sitting there: 1) How can we help as communications people? 2) What is our role?

Also, how can we make sure that the stories we as communicators are helping our clients tell are authentic and truly “green.” Are we digging into the stories behind the scenes enough to help people understand what real innovation is taking place?

I don’t have the answer but I think marketers need to think green and we have a duty to challenge our clients a little bit as outside consultants.

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