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August 16th, 2010

Case Study: The Pioneer Woman Super Widgets

WordPress is great because it makes it extremely easy for people to tell their story.

A big part of what we do on the Voce Platforms Team is enable clients use WordPress to tell their stories their way.

This more often than not results in a lot of custom development, but ultimately frees our clients from having to remember that closing </h2> and what CSS class that <div> had to have to line up with the side, and a whole host of other things not related to producing meaningful content.

The Problem: The Pioneer Woman Site Didn’t Make Use of Sidebars/Widgets so all Sidebar Content Had to be Manually Edited HTML.

Managing sidebars for 6 blogs even with the convenience of widgets is a job in of itself, let alone when you are homeschooling your kids, running a ranch, writing a cookbook, and documenting it all as content for said blogs.

Before Voce’s redesign of The Pioneer Woman, she was hand-editing HTML to update her sidebar content – something both time consuming and error prone.

Solution: Widgets!

Ree seemed to keep things consistent when creating sidebar content, and a pattern emerged:

Since Ree’s content consisted mostly of an image, title, and text/links – the Image/Title/Text Promo widget was born.

Using the above settings, the widget below is produced:

Hand editing HTML problem: solved.  But we took it one step further.

Many times, Ree was simply highlighting a recent post she had made on a certain blog, or in a certain category.  What if we could automate that?

Enter “Super Widgets”

Ree’s Super Widgets come in three flavors:

  • Single Post – Select a single post to display Title, Thumbnail, and Excerpt
  • Single Taxonomy – Display the most recent post in a selected taxonomy (category, tag, etc)
  • Multi Post – Display the most recent X posts in a selected taxonomy

With the Single Post Super Widget, it’s easy for Ree to find a single post she wants to display.

The content of the above widget won’t change unless the post content does.

For automatically renewed content, Ree can choose a Single Taxonomy or Multi Post Super Widget, as seen below:

The widget below will always show the most recent 3 posts in the “Random Critters” category.

And that’s how we help The Pioneer Woman wrangle her content!

As I said before, this is all about giving the person – or team – who is responsible for the content the simplest and easiest to use tools so they can do so effectively and without any unnecessary obstacles in their way.

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Jeff Stieler is an application developer for the Platforms team. When not coding, he pretends to be a beer snob and tries to figure out what's wrong with his car. On twitter he's @jeffstieler

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Good Naija Girl on August 26th, 2010 at 12:16 am

The site looks fantastic, and I can see how widgets and “super widgets” will make Ree’s life much easier.

Jason on August 27th, 2010 at 3:57 pm

Cool. Are you going to make this available in the WP repository? I could really use one like this, especially if it can show the most recent from a specified custom post type. This almost sounds like Drupal’s views. You should really release this!

Debbie on February 19th, 2011 at 7:37 am

The featured images will not resize properly on the home page. I am using thumbnails for the featured image in the posts.