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August 13th, 2010

It’s All About the Clients

One of the things we pride ourselves on here at Voce is our beginning-to-end capabilities when it comes to corporate blogs. Between the design and development talent on our Connect Platforms team and the skills we have with achieving corporate buy-in and then managing the ongoing editorial on our Connect Client Services team, we cover every base.

But without quality clients who are anxious to not only have a blog but to have a quality blog that serves the needs of the program they’ve put in place those talents don’t amount to much. And it’s those clients, the ones who put so much effort in to producing quality content, that make the blog programs succeed. We just help them along the way.

So it’s great to see some of those clients make a list put together on Mashable by contributor Erica Swallow, a list that features a number of Voce clients:

PlayStation.Blog gets singled out for the Share functionality that was recently added to the blog, functionality that allows readers and fans to submit ideas on the features they’d like to see added to the PS3.

Disney Parks Blog is noted for how it goes behind the scenes and gives readers a very intimate look at what’s going on in the parks currently and how the cast members go in to making every visitor’s experience magical.

eBay Ink gets the nod because of the way it has allowed for connections between eBay employees and eBay users as well as how it has really spurred other social media activities at the company.

(By the way, eBay Ink and how social media has been used by eBay to pave new ground in live-tweeting its earnings call has also been called out in another piece by Swallow for Mashable. You can read more about that effort here.)

We love it when our clients get exposure like this. Certainly we think all our clients are worthy of the spotlight, which is why we work as hard as we do to make every project, regardless of other considerations, a success day in and day out.

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