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August 5th, 2010

What’s the Social Media Capital of Asia?

Well, the truth is it all depends on how you look at the data but one thing I know, Indonesia is surprisingly online and connected. While there for a client trip recently I got to see first-hand the impact of social media in the country. Ironic how I waited three hours in an un-air conditioned airport to pass through customs—even though I had all my relevant paperwork—but yet Indonesia could be considered as leading Asia’s presence on social networks globally and possibly even challenging western countries for relevancy and voice.

In fact, I learned from some agency communications professionals in Jakarta how social networks have become ‘the fifth estate’ in Indonesia. You might have already known that Indonesia is the Twitter capital of Asia. What does this mean for global marketers?

Granted Indonesians may not be the target market for everyone or everything—but one thing is for sure—there are some lessons to be gained from what happens in Indonesia. With the high rate of mobile Web connectivity and their attraction to engagement online, maybe we can learn a thing or two ourselves about how consumers of such different backgrounds and religions come together and use the Web. American marketers, take a gander!

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