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November 1st, 2010

Voce Monday Morning Five

Commerce Site Quantifies Value of Sharing: It’s always interesting to read these stories about studies that assign a dollar amount to social media strategies. The danger, though, is in extrapolating those dollar figures outside of their specific cases. So while it’s interesting that, in Eventbrite’s case, a tweet on average generates $.43 in revenue that number is going to be different for every other project that might be run and shouldn’t be used as some sort of benchmark for every future project.

Gowalla Makes a Play for Revenue: The “other” location check-in service has launched a number of new features, including City Pages that list what stamps are available in a city based on what businesses have paid for the creation of said stamp, that are clearly motivated by the desire to increase revenue. There are a lot of aspects of Gowalla that make it an attractive option for location-based strategies, including things like this that signal their willingness to work with businesses in a more clear-cut way.

Seeing is Believing: An interesting opinion piece on the psychological as well as business advantages and drive toward data visualization. This kind of thing even goes as far as seeing how many comments have been left on a blog post or how highly it’s been rated by readers since are not only ways to measure feedback but also have the potential to influence future readers. With status updates and brand affiliations taking place on all sorts of networks it’s important to keep in mind how those reflect what the person doing the broadcasting is trying to convey through those actions and ultimately how to measure and collect them when it comes to programs being run.

Information Streams Accelerating the Attention Crisis: This post by Louis Gray is, I think, incredibly important since it speaks to what sort of environment we and our partners are trying to get our messaging in to.

Facebook Testing Places Powered Deals Service: Facebook is said to be testing a program that would get them into the coupon game. “Facebook Deals” would give users a coupon or discounted item when they and three of their friends check-in using Facebook Places and are tagged at a specific place. This would involve Facebook working directly with a retail partner and make them a major player in this game directly instead of being used simply as an outlet for others to distribute or promote deals and sales.

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