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November 24th, 2010

WordCamp Orlando 2011

[UPDATE – Based on the poll results it’s clear that Friday February 4th was the preferred date. Thanks to everyone who registered their opinion and we’ll see you then.]

It seems like just yesterday we were putting together WordCamp Orlando 2009. My how a year flies! There have been questions coming in about whether or not there would be another WordCamp Orlando and I’m very excited to say there will. We’re working through final details, but we wanted to get out some preliminary information.

First, though we’re going to kick things off with a question for everyone. We realize most WordCamps are held over the weekend, but we have an opportunity to bring a stronger speaker lineup if we break tradition and hold the event on Friday, February 4th.

Please read more on the event over at wordcamporlando.com and follow us on Twitter. If you’re interested in presenting, volunteering or sponsoring, you can find out more information there. It takes a helluva community effort to make this thing happen, so we’d love the help! Looking forward to seeing everyone in early February.

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