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December 6th, 2010

Voce Monday Morning Five

SMBs Applaud Newly Available Facebook Page Analytics: As many of you already know, the full breadth of Facebook Insights analytics are now available on all Pages and not just to those with 10K+ Likes. That means page managers will be able to see user engagement across the board and not just for those that have already Liked the page which should help them gauge how things are performing and make decisions on what needs to be changed in their approaches based on hard numbers and not just gut feelings.

The Era of Persistent Locations Beckons: Now that check-in services that actually require some action to be taken by the user have become (despite their low adoption rates) so well known the next step will be in the form of services that check you in without an action required. There are major privacy concerns around this and it’s likely there will be a bigger backlash from people who forget to turn this off before going somewhere they’re not proud of. But marketers are likely to love this since it means the realization of the long-gestating “Since you’re so near, here’s a coupon” messages.

Here’s Where AT&T Watches Your Tweets: The data center where AT&T tracks social media posts is huge and is used not only to monitor feedback but also look for potential system outages. Obviously this is an extreme example of social media monitoring but for what this company is trying to do an operation of this size is likely necessary.

Introducing the New Profile: Facebook is slowly rolling out a new profile design that makes a number of changes. Biographical data is put at the top of the page, photos are given more prominence, work experience and interest lists are now more easily created and shared and more. The work experience focus is most interesting to me since it represents a realization that Facebook is increasingly being used for professional purposes so this allows for it to be used almost as a résumé by those who wish to do so.

Popularity Doesn’t Equal Influence: Jeremy pretty much definitively fisks Klout, noting that there are some very cool things about it but also stating clearly that the numbers it assigns should be the beginning of a research project and not the end-all-be-all. His piece is timely given the amount of news Klout has been given recently, including a story on the Sacramento Kings giving seats to a recent game to 25 “influencers”

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