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December 20th, 2010

Voce Monday Morning Five

Facebook’s Footprint Grows on External Sites: According to a Facebook representative, 250 million people use Facebook Connect monthly, roughly half their user base. That includes low-barrier interactions such as Liking and Recommending based on the buttons other sites display.

Coca-Cola, Pillsbury Embrace Organic Trends – and Risks – on Twitter: A number of consumer brands have started including meme-based hashtags in their own updates, including those that appear as Sponsored Tweets. While I think most all of us can agree hashtags are annoying and clutter up the stream of Twitter updates they can also be useful ways to enter or collect a conversation. By including a trending hashtag in their updates, these brands made them appear more organic and showed the people managing the profiles were listening to the community’s conversations.

MTV Unveils Music Meter: An interesting experiment by MTV to display what artists and bands are the hottest based not on sales but on social media buzz. This is just the latest move by MTV to integrate social media updates into what they’re doing having previously displayed Twitter updates during VMA broadcasts.

Why Big Brands Are Dominating Social Media: The hypothesis of this post is that big companies with big budgets are doing social media better or more fully, based on the. What’s more likely going on is that the big efforts – the huge “social media command centers” and other projects – get tons of media play and so they’re seen as dominating. Small and mid-sized businesses do great things with social media monitoring and response strategies but those small operations don’t make for impressive photo shoots and don’t have the “we’re letting you behind the curtain” allure so don’t get as much media play. That doesn’t make them any less impressive, though.

Pew: Blogging Seems to Have Peaked: Half as many teens are blogging in 2010 as were doing so in 2006, at least as defined as full-fledged web publishing. Much of that activity among teens – and even among adults to some extent – has moved to other platforms ranging from Facebook to Posterous that are more about “updates” than lengthy thought pieces.

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