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January 24th, 2011

Voce Monday Morning Five

Social CRM Set to Take Off in 2011? Not so Fast.: As the story says, the sample size is small in this study by SugarCRM. So the results that show 72% of companies plan to integrate social network profiles into their databases this year might not be completely accurate. But that doesn’t make the notion of doing so any less of a good idea. By adding social network information into those CRM databases companies can more efficiently track all interaction points with a customer and include those that have taken place online.

LivingSocial Gets Attention for Amazon Discount: If you were paying attention at all this past Wednesday, you probably saw how LivingSocial, one of the sites in the fast-growing “daily deals” category, ran a pretty big deal with Amazon.com that gave those who bought in a $20 Amazon gift certificate for just $10. LivingSocial is playing catch-up to market – and buzz – leader Groupon and so offering a deal with such broad appeal is helping it get some traction. While it might be true that the company lost money on this (both probably did when you consider not only did Amazon make half the money it might have but then had to pay LivingSocial a percentage) it was still worth it in the long run since getting this deal required lots of new people to sign up for LivingSocial. That means the service has a ton of new customers it can distributed future deals to, bringing in lots more money over time. In effect this was a large-scale customer acquisition deal.

Study Shows Internet Users to Be More Community Minded: It sort of makes sense that those who are actively engaged in social media would be more active in real world causes as well. After all they understand the inherent power of connections and rallying people to action. While the belief in the power of social networks to actually affect change might be slightly over-stated there’s no doubt that it allows for people to distribute their messages of change effectively to a broad audience.

SMBs Look to Facebook and LinkedIn for Lead Generation: Facebook and Twitter are the top two sites small businesses think are helping them in their business, followed by other established networks. Check-in and daily deal type sites are further down the list but that’s more than likely simply because they haven’t yet seen enough case studies from their peers relating to those services as of yet. The value that is being derived from social media is coming in the form of lead generation, competitive intelligence, conversation monitoring and more.

The Social Graph: Revolution or Evolution?: While search engines are, to differing extents, beginning to factor in social media sharing into the signals that they use to devise search rankings, it is a compelling argument to point out that forums and other sites that would be tagged “social” if launched today have been contributing to those rankings for a good long while. Too often these platforms are written off as old-school or not sexy enough to pay attention to when there’s still plenty of life left in them.

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