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January 31st, 2011

Voce Monday Morning Five

Tweets can now become Techmeme headlines or discussion: It’s a major development that Techmeme would be including Twitter updates in the headlines they display. For publishing programs, mainly those that occasionally act as the source of new announcements and other breaking news, that means it’s even more important that the official Twitter account that’s used for that program be the first one that goes out with the news so that, when Techmeme is figuring out the source of this news, it finds that account and that tweet. This is just an extension of wanting an official blog post to be the first – and hopefully most linked-to – source for news. Ideally those are both still goals and support each other.

Brand Values Yield Clues to Social Media Influence: A study of social media usage by car buyers shows more people who own high-end cars use social networks regularly than those who own less expensive, more utilitarian cars. A separate study showed 21% of overall purchases were made after research or recommendations found/received through social media were factored into the decision-making process. Past experience with a brand and word-of-mouth were still the highest influencing factors, followed by coupons.

Influence Scoring Platforms Duel for Relevance: While all these services that are looking to measure an individual’s online influence are interesting to discuss and all, but their actual utility is still to be determined. Not only do they fail to account for fuzzier factors and overall likability (far different from more quantitative measures) but they also don’t account for how influential they might be offline.

Building Better Social Graphs: As much as Facebook has tried to own the term “social graph” in the last year or so I agree with Fred Wilson’s contention that we’re eventually going to accept that each of us has a variety of such graphs in our lives. Whatever larger pool these groups draw from – Wilson says it may be the mobile address book but it doesn’t have to be that – I think it makes a lot of sense that we will want each network to be its own entity and be managed differently. This is really just an extension of how someone is one type of person in front of college friends, another with their spouse and then someone else at work.

Marketers Have Limited Social Media Understanding: Honestly it can be a little confusing keeping up with the various surveys that seek to gauge just how tuned in to social media marketers are. In the latest from one, Alterian reports that some 70 percent of marketers don’t completely understand the conversations happening online around their companies or clients. Those at agencies are more tuned in than others, reporting more regularly on those conversations to client contacts. About 75% of respondents expect their social media marketing budgets to rise this year.

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