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January 3rd, 2011

Voce Monday Morning Five

With the new year kicking off now’s a great time to not only make sure you’ve subscribed or are otherwise reading Voce Nation but have also taken a minute to follow us on Twitter and connect with Voce on Facebook.

Why Some Of The World’s Biggest Brands Still Don’t Get Facebook: An interesting, if limited, view of the conversations (or lack thereof) that are happening on the Facebook pages of select brands. The overview is that the vast majority of brands don’t engage in any actual conversations on those pages but instead simply use them for one-way message distribution. The story ends by pointing out that smaller brands can be more conversational and experimental because they have less to lose, but for bigger brands the lesson is going to come when those upstarts take serious market share as a result of their more engaging ways. (h/t Haslam)

Facebook To Marketers: Are We There Yet?: Along the same lines as the above is a study by AT Kearney reporting most of the top 50 brands on Facebook aren’t fully maximizing the potential there, mostly by failing to engage in any sort of conversation, with just 5% of posts containing any sort of reply. But it appears most brands are giving people what they want, with the 71% of updates which are promotional in nature being among the most liked while more informative posts fail to resonate, at least based on hard metrics.

Resources Are Now a Big Issue for Social Media Marketers: About 41% of marketers in a recent survey say that lack of time and other resources is the biggest thing keeping them from engaging in social media efforts. That’s pretty significant considering there are still a great many people out there who are pushing the “social media is cheap and easy” line. There are also, farther down the list of reasons, issues of uncertainty as where to begin and learning what the technology actually does. The study also looks at what respondents considered their biggest failure when it came to a social media program and again, time/resources is the biggest one, with 38% saying they didn’t plan correctly.

Your Followers Are No Measure of Your Influence: People who are popular are, in large part, different from those who are influential. That’s not exactly news but in the race some people engage in to rack of social media followers it’s good to be reminded of that as often as possible.

Gen Y Connects To Brands Via Digital Media: 63% of those ages 12-29 engage with brands through social media channels according to a new study and their attitudes toward those brands are influenced to some extent on those online interactions. While I don’t doubt that’s true, studies like this don’t take the time to make the next logical step and point out that consumer attitudes may be shaped by social media but they’re also shaped by the ultimate interaction as well, the one that comes when attempting to buy something from that brand. A company can build up a great online reputation but if they fail to deliver on the promise when it really matters that’s going to have a huge impact on consumer perceptions.

The Challenges of a Web of Infinite Info: Blogger/Odeo/Twitter founder Evan Williams points out that the online management tools we use now simply weren’t designed for the scale of information overload we’re now subjected to.

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Chris Thilk works on the Client Services team, part of Voce Connect, developing and executing social media strategy. You can follow him at @christhilk on Twitter.

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