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January 18th, 2011

Voce Tuesday Morning Five Three

In honor of what’s a shorter week for many of us, here’s a shorter round-up of stories to read.

Why Location is About More than the Check-In: While the post there talks about the direct-marketing type of opportunities that are possible with check-in services, there’s more than just that going on. From more of a brand-awareness point of view it’s also about how the places people are checking in are places they want to be seen at. So it becomes part of their cultivated online identity. That’s why the action of broadcasting these check-ins to Twitter or Facebook is so important, because it pushes those affiliations into the general omnibus streams that people are paying attention to.

CMOs planning to Accelerate Growth for 2011: An interesting note from Jeremiah’s take-aways from a Forbes CMO Summit is that CMO’s are looking for ways to integrate it more closely with their other marketing efforts. That would, based on his notes, include getting unified metrics and reporting. That makes sense but, while all the programs should be moving toward the same goal, there are dangers for all sorts of programs in doing apples-to-apples comparisons when it comes to numbers. On the other hand it makes it clear that strong reporting is absolutely necessary.

Social Media Strategists Look Hard at ROI this Year: It’s worth noting that almost everything on the list of things that social media strategists say they’re going to start doing in 2011 – internal training, stakeholder buy-in, developing monitoring systems and more – are things that are baked into every program Voce runs. Not saying that we rock harder than almost anyone but…well…yeah, that’s what I’m saying. Also on the topic of social media strategists, Marshall Kirkpatrick takes a list from Jeremiah Owyang of corporate social media strategists and does some analysis around it. And of course there’s Jeremy Pepper’s take on the future of this job description.

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Chris Thilk works on the Client Services team, part of Voce Connect, developing and executing social media strategy. You can follow him at @christhilk on Twitter.

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