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March 30th, 2011

Platforms Presents: ESPN Front Row

The Voce Connect Platforms team is pleased to announce the launch of ESPNFrontRow.com, a WordPress-based corporate platform for ESPN’s communications department to offer “news about ESPN, employees at ESPN and behind-the-scenes activity at the sports media empire”, as Technorati aptly put it. Mike Soltys, ESPN’s vice president of communications, was quoted earlier in SportsBusiness Daily saying, “This is a way for us to speak directly with consumers.”

We’d like to recognize the tremendous efforts of the team members who contributed to the development and launch of the site, including Sean McCafferty, Sean O’Shaughnessy, Jeremy Harrington, Pete Schiebel, and Josh Hallett.

ESPN has also launched a Facebook page, Twitter account (@espnfrontrow) and YouTube channel to support their awesome editorial work. Be sure to check out the #ESPNFR tag on Twitter to see all the conversations surrounding the launch.

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