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March 14th, 2011

Voce Monday Morning Five

What Motivates People to Check-in Anyway?: While this is an interesting look at what prompts people to use one check-in service over another, the question of why they use such services in the first place remains largely unanswered. And the answer to that has, I still think, mostly to do with the desire to appear cool. Regardless of whether or not we have the sticker, are the Mayor or anything else we want those in our networks to see that we’re somewhere cool or different. That’s why we check in at the awesome restaurant that has a good beer list but not the warehouse store where we’re picking up next quarter’s supply of mayonnaise. Unless of course that’s part of the image we’re portraying.

Fortune 200 Nonprofits Adopt Social Media 100%: For the first time in the four years this study has been done, all 200 nonprofits studied are using some form of social media. 97% list Facebook as the most common tool used with 96% saying Twitter, 92% YouTube and 64% blogs. The sheer usage numbers are vastly higher than what’s seen in surveys of for-profit businesses and corporations, with charitable organizations seeing social media as an essential communications and fund-raising tool.

Social Media Creates Brand Advocates: 68% of those who had said something negative about a retailer during the 2010 holiday season were later contacted by that retailer, according to this survey. Of those, 85% then turned around and either deleted their negative posting or made a later positive comment retracting their earlier criticism as a result. The lack of follow-up among those who weren’t contacted simply reinforced their negative perceptions. Those results, though, need to be tempered against the findings of another survey that shows young people have little to no interest in becoming a brand’s friend on Facebook and would kind of like them to leave the social networking space.

Is The Web’s Focus on “Now” Losing How to Find “When”?: The stream of what’s happening now is important, but so is the archive of what happened then and more innovation needs to be put toward making sure that history is captured and searchable.

More Marketers Move Toward Engagement on Social Media: Interesting numbers about how many companies are actually allowing for and fostering engagement on their Twitter and Facebook pages. There’s a sharp drop-off between the percentage using networks for announcements and those who are responding to others and giving some acknowledgement of their audience though it’s still encouraging to see how many companies are making efforts in this area.

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Chris Thilk works on the Client Services team, part of Voce Connect, developing and executing social media strategy. You can follow him at @christhilk on Twitter.

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