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April 4th, 2011

Voce Monday Morning Five

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The acceptance hurdles for QR codes: Neville Hobson, riffing largely off a post from Read/WriteWeb, comes to many of the same conclusions I did in a post on my personal blog, that QR codes have a ton of potential. But until there’s 1) larger smartphone adoption, 2) more native and universal apps that can handle all such codes and 3) more public education about what people are supposed to do when they see one, usage will likely remain largely among the early adopter set. A recent study shows that somewhere around half of U.S. smartphone users say they’ve used QR codes but that seems extraordinarily high to me and there’s little information there on how many have become regular users of such tools.

Who Says What to Whom on Twitter: First, this study identified the top five users in four different categories, Celebrities, Media, Organizations and Blog. But then it found that conversations overwhelmingly happen within the echo chambers of those verticals, with very little cross-over. The study also found that links shared by those in the “Blog” category tended to be longer-lived than those from the “Media,” largely because they seemed to be less tied to time-sensitive stories and more to entertaining videos and other posts that took a while to circulate through different pockets of people.

SMBs Turn to Social Before Search: Small business owners are prioritizing social networking second only to their actual website in how they’ll be allocating their online marketing dollars in 2011. That’s largely because of a realization that word-of-mouth is how people find their business and that word-of-mouth is now happening to varying extents on those networks. It also requires less spending upfront (though time-investment is still a necessity) costs than something like paid search marketing and so is perceived to have a higher return on investment.

The Economics of Attention: While Om Malik here is talking about apps and other things I think the points he makes are applicable to a number of programs like the ones that we help clients to manage. For instance, while we would never sign off on the launch of a half-completed client blog there is something to the idea of picking a date and launching on it with an idea of what it should be and then figuring out later – based on audience feedback and more – what it’s going to grow in to. In other words, make it live with the minimal viable product and don’t overload people with all sorts of different options, features and more. Ship it out then iterate.

The True Value of a Facebook ‘Like’: Most marketers in a new study see those consumers on their Facebook pages as being valuable for the insights that are potentially gleaned from them and the increased sense of loyalty that they hope is engendered in those fans. But half of the marketers surveyed are not sure of the monetary returns of the efforts they’re putting in to their Facebook presence, though I’m willing to guess that it’s more confusion about metrics than anything else that is at the forefront of that problem.

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