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July 5th, 2011

Tuesday Morning Four

Welcome to the short work week. Might be a bit hot but it’s usually cooler by the lake.

From @-Reply Triage to Journalistic Meme-Tracking: Scaling programs is always – always – a problem on Twitter, where the ideal one-to-one communication situation quickly becomes untenable when follower counts and subsequent interactions start rising. When programs are being mapped out the “how do we scale this?” question absolutely needs to be asked ahead of time so that a hair-on-fire scrambling scenario isn’t setup where mistakes might be made and balls dropped.

Twitter Launches Guide for Journalists: This isn’t anything new or all that innovative for anyone who’s been using Twitter for a number of years, but the release shows that Twitter realizes they need to make an appeal to media outlets – and the people who contribute to those outlets – as an area of growth. More than anything the case is being made that building up a following there is good for the individual writer as well as the publication or other media brand.

How One Newspaper Rebooted Its Workflow With Google Docs and WordPress: This is a super interesting case study and there are some great examples here but even more simply than this, Google Docs can be used for editing, edcal management and more while WordPress becomes the CMS. Love this.

Will A Brands Next Big Move Be A Journalism Department: We’re already seeing this in many of the companies we work with as they carve out individuals or departments that are dedicated not just to marketing but to telling the company’s story across any of a number of channels. “Content marketing” is such a narrow term and doesn’t do justice to what either needs to or should be done, which is why no one who’s not actively trying to sell you something really uses it.

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