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July 18th, 2011

Voce Monday Morning Five

Google Now Pushing More Share Buttons Than Twitter: This is interesting and all but, as the story points, out, the adoption rate for those type of buttons isn’t necessarily indicative of how widely they’re used. More specifically, just because people are using one social network in a particular way doesn’t automatically mean they’ll use other networks in the same way. So it may wind up that Google+ is used by people in far different way than they use Twitter or Facebook.

WordPress Hits 50 Million Blogs: I only caution to take numbers with a grain of salt since it’s how people are using a tool is more important than how many are doing so but this is still pretty cool.

Quora Adds Video to its Q&A Pages: The biggest reason for adding this is to counter-act what’s seen as a lack of stickiness for the site. While it’s still popular in some circles (tech, social networking, tech) my guess is that people are finding many of Quora’s functions can be done on other platforms such as their own blogs, Facebook or elsewhere without going through that checkpoint. Adding video is a way for them to encourage visits that are more often and longer.

The World Beyond Likes: I don’t think there’s much here that’s news to us but still good to see some important numbers being called out. Speaking of which…

Twitter Drives Four Times as Much Traffic As You Think It Does: As evidenced by last week’s news that Google Analytics was requiring special new javascript to be installed to capture social network referrals there’s still lots of room for improvement on this front. That’s why using outside numbers such as bit.ly that capture some numbers that other platforms may be either not counting or undercounting.

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