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August 1st, 2011

Voce Monday Morning Five

AP Will Link Back to Newspapers Who Get Scoops: The AP has always credited source newspapers if it picked up a story from a member paper but now it will include links back to the original. The links will appear in parentheses and be non-hyperlinked bit.ly URLs, though, but it’s still progress. There are lots of technical limitations right now that include the fact that the AP wire doesn’t include HTML since it’s being fed to thousands of content management systems but these are issues that will likely be worked out over the course of time.

Number of Corporate Social Media Accounts On Rise: Some large companies have dozens of social media accounts. The desire for each business unit or division to have one (or more) of everything for itself is why companies need a system for vetting requests and only approving those that have solid strategies and other imperatives behind them.

Timely Tweets: Now Easier to See: This honestly doesn’t seem like that bad of an advertising system. You’re not going to see an ad at the top of your stream for a company that you haven’t voluntarily followed, so this is basically an opt-in system. The most important thing behind-the-scenes is that advertising and whoever is running a corporate publishing program (hopefully not also advertising) are talking together so that the update that is used for an ad isn’t out of character for the profile in general but is, at the same time, unique enough to create a strong call to action.

If Your News Site Isn’t Social Great Design Won’t Matter: I’m not sure that’s 100% true since I think design does more to impact a site’s user-friendliness than anything else. All those “share” buttons are of limited value and it’s more important, I think, to focus on what’s being done with those who click-through from Facebook or Twitter to convert them into regular readers.

Daily Facebook Posting Increases Reach: If you post more frequently more people will see your message. This is just common sense when it comes to stream-based publishing but the trick is to then not publish so frequently that it becomes an irritant for the audience.

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