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November 11th, 2011

Three Things to Consider With Google+ Publishing

As you’ve read about on roughly every website, blog, Twitter feed and other web-based communications platform, Google opened up Google+, their nascent social network, for use by brands, businesses and companies this past Monday. Instead of rehashing the “how to set up an account” tutorials or other common themes that have been done to death […]

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November 10th, 2011

The SNCR Symposium: Whither Measurement?

Voce Communications is proud to have been a supporter of the Society for New Communications Research since its inception, and I personally have been attending events since 2006, the latest being the 6th annual SNCR Research Symposium, held in Cambridge, Massachusetts this past week. There was much substantive research presented over the two days, but […]

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November 2nd, 2011

Have We Hit the Corporate Social Publishing Ceiling?

There are all sorts of great statistics in this study from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth about the usage of social publishing (I’m steadfastly avoiding using the term “social media”) platforms by Fortune 500 companies. Among those statistics: Only 23 percent of those companies – that translates to 114 – have public facing blogs that […]

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