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October 8th, 2012

Voce Monday Morning Five: 10/08/12

  • Twitter Says More Than Half Its Users Follow Six Or More Brands: While the presentation in question was directed at potential advertisers it provides an important insight into user behavior and what people are doing on Twitter.
  • KitchenAid Tweet Shows, Yet Again, Why Social Needs Mature Talent: Social media is as much a professional practice as traditional marketing, PR or advertising and should not be left to rookies or people whose judgment hasn’t been proven. On top of that it’s another reminder not to use just one tool but instead break them apart by account so the chances of posting personal opinion to a corporate/client profile happening are as low as possible.
  • Guardian and Tumblr to ‘live-GIF’ presidential debates: The format of live-giffing is gaining steam as a way to immediately supply the community with assets that fuel their conversation and sharing about a live event.
  • More Mobile News Consumers Choosing Web Over Apps: Using the web rather than apps is up sharply among mobile users – this could be partly due to the evolution of some of these browser-based news experiences as adaptive and truly mobile-friendly. The last fifteen years have shown how hard it is to get consumers to pay for content on websites or pay attention to ads there. In the app environment, all that was going to be different. And so it is.
  • Delving deeper into social data: Some good advice in here about focusing monitoring efforts – don’t cast too wide a net or the results become unmanageable – as well as the recommendation to get out of a reactive mindset and into one that is more in line with business goals.

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