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November 19th, 2012

Voce Monday Morning Five: 11/19/12

  • New Tools for Business in the Pinterest Community: Businesses have, to date, operated on Pinterest with a blind eye from the company, which technically forbid such operations. This makes business profiles official and could open the floodgates to more adoption, though what the benefits are with this new business-type profile remain murky outside the promise to hear about new features and developments early.
  • Online viewers start leaving if video doesn’t play in 2 seconds, says study: Performance matters, and small improvements in how well your platforms deliver your content can have big impacts. As always, it comes down to the user experience and meeting their expectations. This goes for how a site is designed, how many (if any) ads you put in their wary and more. But when it comes to video make sure the player being used is as easy to view as possible or risk low viewership.
  • Social Customers’ Great Expectations: 83% Want a Response Within a Day:  This is in slight disagreement with a previous study showing the number of people looking for social support online was small, but the conclusion – that responding rapidly, genuinely and correctly – remains the same.
  • Halflife by Topic: A very good look at how long readers engage with a click that’s been shared on a social network and how the lifespan does or doesn’t differ by topic. Individual results will vary but this is likely a good benchmark to use as client expectations are set.
  • Retweeting Without Reading? Yeah, It’s Happening: Retweets are often held up as a big, important metric in determining the success of a publishing program. But as this study shows that’s not all that accurate, or at least doesn’t have a significant impact on the bottom line, assuming the bottom line is getting people to read the linked-to material.

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