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January 21st, 2013

Voce Monday Morning Five: 01/21/13

  • New MySpace opens to the public: The lingering question is what need does this fill for the average person? The revamped site has been playing up its multimedia capabilities but it remains to be seen if regular people are going to be creating enough high-quality video to share here regularly since they have Instagram for photos, Tumblr for gifs and so on.
  • More Teens Are on Tumblr than Facebook or Instagram, Survey Finds: While it’s hardly a scientific poll that was conducted, it is in line with some other more fully featured studies that show young people are increasingly gravitating toward Tumblr since Facebook is now where their parents and other old people are.
  • Using Twitter photos without permission is illegal, rules judge: While this ruling applies to media companies specifically, it’s a good reminder to work in some sort of request for permission or note about how pictures might be used when soliciting fan photos on Twitter. If things are made clear then there shouldn’t be a problem.
  • New Digg owners claim the “Digg effect is back”, user base doubled in 5 months:With Digg’s changed focus on curation based on signals from elsewhere from its previous user-submitted model it will be interesting to see what sort of categories of news wind up doing well. While it seems true that many publishers are seeing substantial traffic referrals it’s likely that some types of sites will emerge as favorites among readers.
  • The problem with BuzzFeed’s sponsored posts: This is part of Buzzfeed’s continuingly evolving approach toward copyright, which it sometimes feels simply doesn’t apply to them. But while “fair use” may apply freely to regular editorial content – assuming proper attribution is given – a much higher standard is in place for advertising usage, which is what these “sponsored content” or “native ad” pieces are.

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