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January 14th, 2013

Voce Monday Morning Five: 1/14/13

  • Youtube’s evolution from cute cat videos to Gangnam Style: This says more about the aesthetics of and mass participation in web culture than anything else. As web culture has become more about inclusion (“going viral”) vs. being “first to publish” that obscure piece of content, aesthetics have trended towards that which is most easily consumed by the largest number of people. This is in opposition to earlier, more rough-and-raw aesthetics that might be of much higher cultural value but were too obscure to travel to wider and wider circles.
  • The AP Has Started Selling Its Twitter Feed: While this is, yes, a big deal, there’s little that’s new in form and function here. Companies have for years been experimenting with adding advertising to their social network feeds. What makes this notable is that it’s an news org doing it, but in the days of “native advertising” this doesn’t seem like the kind of thing that seems too far out from the ordinary.
  • Meet the four social networks bigger than Facebook (in some countries): When building global social programs it’s important to take stats like this into account since each country or region seems to have a unique network that people there are using.
  • Whither the Brand Website?: There has clearly been a change in perception as studies done in the earlier days of social media marketing all trumpeted that corporate sites weren’t considered trustworthy. This is all the more reason to structure a program around the hub and spoke model.
  • Brands Experiment With Photo-Messaging Service Snapchat, Facebook Poke: Snapchat seems to be getting more attention in the wake of Facebook launching Poke, which is a direct Snapchat competitor. But the intrusion of advertising and marketing into the service, which is primarily used by teens, is likely to turn that audience off to the tool as a whole.

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