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January 28th, 2013

Voce Monday Morning Five: 1/28/13

  • Even if It Enrages Your Boss, Social Net Speech Is Protected: While it may eventually become settled policy that an employer cannot fire someone for what they say on social media there can still be discouragements about doing so that lay out the potential downsides. More here.
  • Twitter Blog: An update to embedded Tweets: Some very nice updates to this functionality that should make embedding Tweets that much easier and more attractive for publishers who want to make it a decent user experience and not just a glorified screenshot.
  • “Brand Connected Consumers” Want Their Social Feedback Recognized: Some of these stats show a certain hubris among the general public, particularly in the number that believe their comments, wherever they’re made, are likely to be seen as important to the brand they’re talking about. But the attitude behind it is nonetheless and needs to at least be taken into account when devising social response tactics.
  • Social media dispute resolution stumps some companies: The story seems to advocate, as some indeed do, the idea that customer service through social media is both an inherent good and that it’s an all or nothing proposition. Neither is actually true, with some very good socially minded companies doing very little in the way of customer service triage and some companies seeing success with a more selective approach to how they deal with customer issues.
  • 5 ways journalists can use social media to resurface old content: There are good tips here for both journalists and brand publishers who may want to take advantage of breaking news by digging up related news or announcements from the past

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