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February 11th, 2013

Voce Monday Morning Five: 2/11/13

  • HMV_Tweets_dUniversities Turn to Tumblr to Reach Prospective Student: A great example of using the platforms your target audience is in order to reach them in new and interesting ways. But it’s also important to note what the article has to say about how the universities have adopted their content strategy to not be pitch-focused 100% of the time but instead include memes and other material to give their publishing a more organic and genuine feel.
  • HMV cuts 190 jobs; Twitter account vents frustration: A case study in why you require the social media team lead to be on the crisis comms team for any major announcement so that they can plan accordingly and making sure that more than one person has the passwords and log-ins to the social accounts so that things can be attended to if the social lead is terminated or has an issue.
  • Twitter Confirms Purchase Of Bluefin Labs To Boost TV Analytics And Advertising Services: With this acquisition, Twitter is recognizing that its top brand partners have very demanding research needs, both to drive campaign insights and for ongoing market share measurement that the current crop of tools don’t necessarily support well. This is particularly true for verticals like TV and Automotive, which have had years of refinement and lots of independent measurement systems pop up over the years and so have a different expectation for research in social media.
  • Brands Responding to More Queries on Facebook: It’s great that brands are, overall, getting more responsive to fan questions and comments on social platforms. But the myth of 100% is still something forwarded by lots of people despite it being largely unachievable and may not even be something to be aimed for.
  • Introducing Your Instagram Feed on the Web: This is a big upgrade for a service that didn’t have much of any web presence as little as six months ago. It show, to some extent, the influence of Facebook, to which the “feed” is everything. But it remains to be seen whether people are really interested in this type of experience or if mobile remains the primary way they browse through photos.

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