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August 26th, 2014

Voce Student Weekly Reading 8/26: Instagram Offers More Analytics to Advertisers, LinkedIn Shares Data on Internships & More

Social Media

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How Oversharing on Social Media Can Cost You

“Treading carefully online should start even before you step foot on campus. According to a 2013 survey by Kaplan Test Prep, more college admissions officers than ever are conducting Google searches of applicants (29 percent) or are visiting the applicants’ social networking profiles (31 percent).”

Voce Insight – Social media is great for bringing people together and sharing life events. However, it’s important to distinguish what should or shouldn’t be posted on the internet. In such a public forum, it’s easy for a seemingly innocent tweet or message to turn into a huge controversy.

Instagram Rolls Out Deeper Analytics for Advertisers

“The new metrics, like impressions, reach and engagement, will provide data to marketers almost in real time. The program is being rolled out to Instagram’s several dozen ad partners, including Levi’s, Hollister and Taco Bell. The Facebook-owned photo platform plans to roll out the program to all potential advertisers in the coming months.”

Voce Insight – Instagram is a veritable powerhouse in social media, so it’s no wonder that advertisers want more options to get through to a growing audience. However, Instagram still doesn’t offer a way to embed hyperlinks with photos, which would allow marketers to invite that audience anywhere online from the platform.

Public Relations

5 Ways To Generate Powerhouse PR Results For Your Brand

“Truly know who you are pitching to. Do not send out a generic pitch in a big group email blast; analyze and assess the work of each journalist you are pitching to individually before you pitch. Time needs to be spent on this process and few publicists actually take the time to do it.”

Voce Insight – If you only spend half a minute investigating a reporter and what he or she covers, they’re likely to spend about the same amount of time reading your pitch. Researching what would interest a particular reporter is much more likely to produce a positive outcome.

10 Skills That PR Pros Have That Other Professionals Don’t

“When it comes right down to it, companies still turn to true PR pros when they realize there are certain things that only the true PR pro can do with aplomb. Here are the top 10…”

Voce Insight – Most people don’t understand what skills a PR professional provides to companies and clients in need. A DIY approach to PR may seem like a more affordable option at first, but nothing can compare to the knowledge and years of experience from a seasoned PR professional.


6 Ways to Network More Effectively

“Here’s one of the most important things to remember when it comes to networking; it’s a two-way street. This means that whenever you meet someone, you need to ask them as much as possible regarding their business, as well as informing them them about yours.”

Voce Insight – Networking is one of the most important aspects when it comes to getting a job and career development. The people you meet at a networking event may be your key to landing that first internship, or an even better gig down the road. Start networking early in your college years, so you’re not desperate for contacts senior year.

An Internship Can Lead to a Full-Time Job, But Your Industry Matters

Internships can give you an edge in some cases, but is an internship right for you? It’s a reasonable question – whether internships lead directly to full-time opportunities at the same company, particularly through the lens of specific fields of study. Given how difficult it’s been for recent grads to get full-time jobs in this economy, we wanted to provide some insights into the trends around internships by mining the data in over 300 million LinkedIn member profiles to answer two questions.

Voce Insight – Joining a company as an intern gives you the opportunity to gain invaluable experience by working hands-on in a professional environment. However, many are hesitant to accept internships, as they want to nail down a full-time job right off the bat. This report highlights the trends in how many internship opportunities turn into full-time gigs, categorized by industry.

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