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October 14th, 2015

What I’m Reading: Mary Gaulke


As part of Voce’s content team, I follow many sites and authors focused on the discipline of content strategy. Here are some of my favorite things I’m reading/have read lately:

  • As Voce/PN’s primary resident Wikipedian, I enjoy William Beutler’s weekly “Wikipedia in 60 Seconds” emails, which review the basics of how Wikipedia works.
  • When it comes to content strategy, there’s no one I trust more than Kristina Halvorson, author of the excellent Content Strategy for the Web. (I refer to Halvorson almost exclusively as “Our Lady of Content Strategy.”) This summary of a recent presentation of hers is practically gospel to me: “Answering why is especially important — and especially difficult. ‘This content will make us a thought leader’ is not an answer to why.”
  • A List Apart offers solid wisdom on UX, content strategy, and the intersection of both. A recent highlight: “Reclaiming Social: Content Strategy for Social Media.” Those seven questions you should ask about every social update deserve to be on a sticky note on the desk of every social media exec worldwide.
  • Contently’s Content Strategist blog is consistently worth reading.
  • Finally, Fast Company’s deeply silly Today in Tabs keeps me savvy to the latest happenings on the turbulent seas of the Internet.

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